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Whether you own an established company, have recently exited corporate America to start your own business or are transitioning from full-time motherhood to lady boss, Leah & Lamb can help guide your next business phase into a new chapter of success.


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What Our Clients Say

Working with Jennifer and Leah is like having a full-service in-house marketing team at a fraction of the cost. They have helped me achieve major business goals through their ongoing services - from my website and advertising to helping me with internal back-end office management and staff challenges.
— Wayne Powell - Personal Injury and Workers' Comp Lawyer
My website went from only being able to be found on Google if you knew my name to the first page results for “Landscape Designer Richmond VA.” They deliver results and are a delight to work with.
— Marcia Fryer - Landscape Designer
Leah & Lamb helped us articulate and refine our value proposition and marketing messages. We loved the first facilitation of putting our words together and enjoyed the process of bringing the vision of our new company to life.
— Amanda Aghdami & Paige Henry - Transformational Leadership
Leah & Lamb saved my life. I never could have revamped my website, launched a hybrid book press and released my own new book without their unique and upbeat expertise that ranged from the biggest picture to the tiniest detail. What could have been a nightmare was a dream come true.
— valley haggard - writing teacher, author and publisher

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We believe you can do anything you put your mind to — for some people that’s building a business to support their family and personal dreams, for others that is making sure their home computer equipment is safe for their ever-curious kids.

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Leah & Lamb

We started as friends giving tips on how to help our babies sleep.

Next we shared ideas that could help our clients solve marketing or technology challenges.

Now we’ve partnered up to deliver integrated marketing and technology services because we love seeing people build their career dreams.